Masterplan Concept Design / Architectural Concept Design

The living unit typological variety we developed for Eston settlement #1, is here extended to different residential typologies. Lake house, river house, yard house and town house are combined together in a settlement that tries to emphasize the natural morphology and value the relationship between them. Lake houses at northern part of the plot define the boundary of an artificial lake, river house face the steep river banks that runs from north to south. Yard houses are aggregated in order to create public spaces where citizen can build neighbourhood life. Car routes and parking lots have been designed underground, segregated from the public areas not to conflict with pedestrian paths and outdoor spaces.

Location: Bahçeşehir – Turkey
Year: Masterplan and Architectural Design 2014
Area: 70.000 sqm

Client: Polat Yol Yapı 
Landscape Project: P2 Tasarım