Facade Schematic Design

The project, designed by S 2 ARCHITETTI, proposes three monolithic buildings whose black-on-black coloring of the opaque coatings and the glass windows gives great balance and elegance to the overall architectural image. The language is sober and contemporary and inserts the intervention in an international context of great quality and value. The great compositional flexibility of the facades that allows the alternation of empty and full according to the needs of future buyers makes the project unique. The sliding and visible sliding panels constantly change the aesthetics of the buildings, making the facades dynamic. The advanced technology of the elements making up the facades, such as motorized curtains and sliding panels, offers extremely high standards of comfort and significantly reduces energy consumption, making the project environmentally sustainable. High-quality materials such as large slabs of stoneware on the façade and triple-glazed glazing make the project long-lasting and minimize overall maintenance. In one word ICON.

Location: Lugano – Switzerland
Year: Schematic Design 2017
Area: 4.600 sqm