Hard and Soft Decoration Concept Design / Schematic Design / Detailed Design / Site Supervision

This project for a craft brewery has been generated by two simple principles: the central plan and the use of repeated geometries. The first step was to create a large hall for the public that would give emphasis to two large window walls, the entrance and the opposite wall, where the bar stands. The clinker becomes a sort of surface generator, the counter’s base arises from the floor covered by clinker and becomes its extrusion. The squares and rectangles orthogonal geometry of the existing window frames designs the new anthracite lacquered iron windows and doors. The metal carpentry, deprived from its usual static purposes, is used both as a support for the bar and to coat the draught beer fonts. Tubular square section create the structure of the whole tailor-made furniture. Last but not least is the geometry of the ceiling, covered with rectangular panels of high-density polyurethane.

Location: via S. Ampellio 14, 20141 Milan – Italy
Year: Concept / Schematic  / Detailed Design / Site Supervision 2016
Area: 200 sqm

Client: Private
Architectural Project with: Arch. Margherita Napolitano