Hard and Soft Decoration Schematic Design / Detailed Design

This project for a restaurant and cafè is part of the new Science and Technology Park in Bolzano and it represented a real opportunity to deal with the industrial heritage of the existing building to bring it back to a new life. The inside of the building that hosted executive offices of the former industrial complex has been completely tore down and rebuilt, the external walls of the façade have been preserved and restored. Here again the interior design intent has been focused on custom made furniture and dry systems rather than standard masonry architecture. Three main structures made of wood and covered by black iron sheets define the 2.000 sqm one floor space and only few glass partitions divide the restaurant from the cafè and the service spaces from the main hall. While the cafè is an elegant and bright lounge area around a central block, the restaurant is huge hall where 6 built-in blocks of benches bring the space into a more intimate and cozy situation. A continuous volume cuts the space longways separating the kitchen from the restaurant and hosting several other services such as restrooms, cabinets and closets and a small shop for local food products.

Location: via A. Volta 13, 39100 Bolzano - Italy
Year: Schematic Design 2016 / Detailed Design 2017 / Construction 2017
Area: 2.000 sqm

Client: BLS Südtirol Alto Adige
Architectural Project with: Chapman Taylor Architects, CL&aa
Structure: Ing. P. Cristofolini, Ing. P. De Biasi Construction 
Construction Security: Geom. Andrea Cattacin