The main idea of the project is to preserve the archaeological ruins of the area by adding a new ruin, to incorporate most of the functions requested by the the program and build light structures in the surrounding park. The backbone of the project is a linear building that emerges from the ground to reveal its presence in three spots: the 5-star Hotel which stands as the main entrance to the area, follows up the Institute where the old military walls are located and ends with a 4-star Rural Hotel jutting on the natural slope of the park. In this way, the axle is torn from the ground and transformed into a promenade that completes the walkways grid system as a landscape corridor.

Location: Balikesir – Turkey
Year: 2017
Area: 260.000 sqm
Client: Municipality of Balikeşir
Design Partners: Arch. Francesco de Felice, Arch. A. Biçer
With: E. Engin, D. Coltri 
Landscape Project: P2 Design