Volksstimme talks about RAW Magdeburg
"RAW Magdeburg - This is what the mega residential project should look like in five years."
February 29, 2024
M12 on Living Corriere
"A house on two floors, whose identity is expressed through natural materials and custom-made furnishings for a conscious optimization of spaces."
February 22, 2024
M12 on Domus
"Pre-existing and new elements dialogue in harmony in a project by Noname Studio built around light and the pleasure of everyday life."
May 06, 2024
M12 on Elle Decor
"Noname Studio rethinks the 90 sqm of a property created by connecting two originally distinct units."
February 26, 2024
The New Together
Villa Uliveto has been selected among 140 international projects at the exhibition "The New Together - Platform Architecture and Design."
May 20, 2023
Villa Uliveto on Elle Decor
"Noname Studio signs a residential project in Carovigno generated "by the natural elements in which it is immersed"
March 10, 2023
Home Art
A beautiful article about Noname Studio on Home Art.
May 29, 2024
Innocentini Apartment on Elle Decor
"Noname Studio signs the restoration of an 80 m2 apartment with minimal lines, but with an exotic twist."
January 01, 2023
Innocentini Apartment on Living Corriere
"In this Milanese apartment the bathroom is a true coupé de theatre, with strong colors and iridescent tones inspired by Moroccan hammams."
December 16, 2022
Villa Uliveto on Living Corriere
In Puglia the Noname Studio designs an introverted building but in harmony with the context, inspired by the archetypes of Arab architecture and the forms of nature
July 29, 2022
Isplora talks about Villa Uliveto
"The young studio Noname Studio from Milan creates a rural house among the olive trees of Carovigno, in the province of Brindisi (Italy). A palette of imperceptible shades, from the white plaster of the walls, to the pink stone of Apricena, to the limestone blocks of the border walls."
November 01, 2022
German Design Award 2022
"Special Mention" for Patio Housing in the category - Excellent Architecture at the German Design Award 2022. [...]
November 15, 2021
Villa Uliveto on World Architecture
"Noname Studio designs townhouse with all-white Abstract sculpted volumes among Olive trees."
October 28, 2021
AP Apartment on Living Corriere
"The small panoramic apartment focuses on a fluid distribution of spaces and furnishings with different styles that interact in harmony."
February 10, 2021
Patio Housing on Arredamento Mimarlık
January 01, 2021
Post Quarantine Architecture Report
A piano on wheels playing in the centre of Milan. A shot that dates back to last spring right after the end of the Quarantine, preview of Piano City Milano, the event that every May brings music to the parks and symbolic places of the city for a weekend. This year has been postponed to Autumn 2020. With this spirit Milano slowly left the isolation in which it lived for about three months. [...]
December 07, 2020