The Bodrum Torba Valley is a distinctive place in terms of wealth, location and transportation. In this context, a design that represents the region combined with architectural awareness has emerged. The Bodrum Valley Resort project was designed by evaluating the potential of the region. Sun, wind, landscape, green space, circulation shaped the brief given by the developer.
The project area is substantially divided into 3 areas. From north to south, the residential areas conclude with the main hotel building and swim-up rooms, recreational areas and beachfront living areas.
The problem of the steep slope of the topography was transformed into a design opportunity and the orientation of all the housing units (villas and hotel rooms) within the project with respect to the landscape was guaranteed. Care was taken to ensure that the characteristics of the housing units do not interrupt the mutual view of the valley. The green texture in the natural topography of the area has been preserved, making it a compositional matrix and a substantial element of the project.
Each housing unit, in addition to a private green area, is also equipped with a water element on a different scale. In addition to the independent pools in the villa section, the hotel's communal pools are directly accessible from the large verandas in front of the swim-up rooms.

Location: Bodrum – Turkey
Year: Masterplan Design 2024 
Site Area: 53.000 sqm
Built Area: 15.200 sqm
Client: Rams Global
Project Management: Dome+Partners
With: An Office