In both urban and building scale, user-oriented design principles have been the first driver. This is why, considering the neighborhood context and the project program, the project it’s been firstly and mainly designed around the inhabitants needs. The second important goal we wanted to achieve was the functional identity of each part of the building. According to the vast and diverse program , we proposed a quite simple L-shaped building, with a permeable façade that defines the main public space: a large square at the city level, in wich all the indoor cultural activities can expand towards the outdoor space. The spatial continuity is allowed within inside and outside, as well as within upstairs and downstairs, in fact underneath the square take place sport activities that have both physical and visual strong connection with the ground level and the square.

Location: Kadıköy Istanbul – Turkey
Year: 2016
Area: 18.000 sqm
Client: Municipality of Kadiköy
Design Partners: Arch. R. Valvasori, From Outer Space, Arch. E. Eriş, Arch. Ş. Üçkardeş