A “boutique working” space located in a bright and lush courtyard belonging to a late 18th century farmhouse in the centre of Milano. A ground floor originally used as storage for a fashion brand to be transformed into a space for work, gathering and sharing ideas. To do that we used only: furniture, colors and light.
Every choice has been made to maximize the position of the furniture in relation to the external views, ensuring the greatest amount of natural light. Bright essences of Ash or Oak veneered tops contrast with the black lacquered steel structures, the plain colored cotton upholsteries counterpoint to the polychrome striping of the plants.
The working space is equipped with a private meeting room, connected both with the working area and with the private green courtyard. Its internal walls, for acoustic and thermal insulation, have been covered with recycled PET and felt panels. The only bespoke furniture we designed has been placed to separate the operational are from the service one. A bulkhead made of iron tubular structure, MDF infill panels covered with sound-absorbing recycled PET, creates a private cabin, a space of concentration used for brief informal meetings, online calls or lunch.

Location: via Friuli 8/c, 20135 Milano - Italy
Year: Concept Design / Schematic Design / Detailed Design / 2019 – 2020
Area: 120 sqm
Client: Private
Collaborator: Sara Tateo
Photography: Federico Villa Studio