This assignment stems from good news: the client who commissioned the design of a mixed use development in 2017 in Ankara, asked us to pick up the project, update the program according to investors’ new needs and think of a concept for the entrance lobbies of the three towers and for two residential units to be used as serviced apartments.
The inspiration that has lead to the style of this project came to us from the Eastern world, which we recently came into contact with and has particularly inspired us with its rich millennial culture. In ancient China, people called a man of great virtue a gentleman. In the world of flowers, Plum Blossoms, Orchids, Bamboo and Chrysanthemums are known as the Four Gentlemen in China because the natural character of these plants have something in common with human virtues.
Thus so we attributed the Orchid to the entrance lobbies, which are the most significant part of the building and host facilities and amenities that are also open to outside visitors. Grown in deep mountain valleys, with delicate fragrance refreshing people’s minds, and the elegant figures swaying slightly in the wind, Orchids are equal to elegance. The lobby space is outlined by simple elements, absolute artifacts in the forms and materials combined with natural elements such as water and vegetation, which together evoke a sense of calm of a restorative humanized nature.
The decoration of the houses is a meeting of cultures, a balanced combination of classic and western contemporary elements with oriental notes especially in the accessories and color choices. The materials used in hard and soft decoration range from natural woods to split stone, raw and polished concrete, linen and raw cotton fabrics, refined leathers and rice paper, brushed and oxidized metals.
The corner two-room apartment, which is one of the most significant cuts inside the tower, has been associated with Plum Blossoms. They are cold-resistant flowers that bloom in early spring and they well represent a feminine virtue such as tenacity, a dazzling beauty forged by the adversities of the harsh winter. Soft shades of orange, yellow, cream and green tones characterize the bright triangular open space of the living area to which a cozy winter garden is connected seamlessly. With a fresh and rational layout we have optimized the 80 square meters of the three-room apartment, maintaining an airy and large living area but at the same time attributing a specific character to each of the areas that compose it: a comfortable and large living room, an open and dynamic kitchen, a convivial dining area and an intimate and relaxing reading area.
The 120 sqm family apartment is located in a corner of the building and has a classic L-shaped layout and wide view on the surrounding park. We attributed Bamboo to it, which usually relates to man who has exemplary conduct and nobility of character. Full-height walls in light wood and rice paper combined with a contrasting charred wood paneling materialize a simple and functional and yet elegant atmosphere, between Wabi-sabi and minimalist classic.
The fulcrum of the living area is a fireplace with minimalist shapes and a large split stone base conceived to be a seat for both the living room and the dining area. The winter gardens of the living area are real scenographic backdrops, and echo the Japanese Zen gardens.
Even in the bedrooms, the use of simple lines in hard decoration is balanced and softened by comfortable furnishing elements and natural materials such as wood, raw linen fabrics with terracotta-colored shades, rustic rope rugs.

Location: Ankara – Turkey
Year: Hard and Soft Decoration Fit Out 2020
Area: 800 sqm
Client: Private
Design Partner: Arch. Francesco de Felice