Blue like denim, blue like the sea. The idea of creating an abstract sea stems from DNG’s mission to save water in the production of Denim. Inspired by the waves of the sea, we proposed a conceptual sea composed of overlapping functional modules – Waves – to create different opacities and different depths. The abstract sea becomes a permeable space with less opacity, depending on the composition of the Waves and the position of the viewer. The visitor will feel immersed in a sea of DNG products entering the space: fabrics, chemicals, denim collection and multimedia displays.
Here the sea is a background to tell about DNG’s awareness for a better textile industry. After all, two thirds of the Earth is covered with water and the role of this element in maintaining life is just as crucial as that of plants.

Location: ITMA – Milano
Year: Concept Design 2022 / Definitive Design 2023 / Stand Set Up 2023
Area: 100 sqm 
Client: Denge KimyaDNG
With: Selcen Sozuneri
Collaborators: Carlotta Del Prato, Sara Romeo
Consultant: Arch. Alessandro Bolla
Stand Fitters: Esistand Srl
Photography: Francesca Iovene