F&B and Retail

Concept Design / Hard and Soft Decoration Schematic Design / Hard and Soft Decoration Detailed Design

This 35.500 sqm and seven storeys building is located in the province of Jangsu, in a strategic position for the development of the entire province in the coming years and its program is in itself a remarkable challenge. 
The idea of the developer is to create a new model of department store that is a cultural attractor as well as a sales space with services and entertainment. A sort of hub with a sophisticated aesthetics that promotes a contemporary lifestyle, that could be an “educated” result of the encounter between East and West. The other challenging element is the fact of intervene on partially built and never completed spaces.
On the seven floors of the building we designed an articulated system that lives around the central core of the hall: a restaurant with an adjacent extension for culinary events, a jazz club with live music, a european furniture showroom, various commercial spaces that sell products that range from accessories to home textiles, a centre for children’s training and a coworking, tea rooms and bars, a performing arts centre with two theatres, one indoor and the other outdoor, a contemporary art gallery, a classical ballet and contemporary dance school.

Location: West Jingtang RD 33, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou – China
Year: Schematic Design 2018 / Detailed Design 2018-19 / In Progress
Area: 25.500 sqm

Client: Jiangsu Jing Ming Yue LTD