The project involves a radical overhaul of the floor plan and starts from the decision to total open the living area, where the kitchen, dining and living merge into a single area in which the choice of light finishes makes the space perceive as larger.
The plan generates from a first neutral space that invites you to discover the unpredictable heart of the apartment.
The bathroom is the element of surprise: strongly characterized by an intense teal resin, it is inspired by the bathrooms of Moroccan origin, where the use of Tadelakt, hydraulic lime applied to walls and ceiling, makes the space vibrant. The Zellige ceramic wall placed in front of the washbasin cabinet made of Nero Maquinia with doors in walnut veneer, and also of Moroccan origin, helps to create an almost mystical environment in total contrast with the rest of the apartment.
Custom-made wardrobes, a constant in our interior projects, participate in a different way in the organization of space. In the living area they are designed so as not to clearly separate the spaces, allowing continuous visual communication between them. The hallway that distributes the bedrooms, on the other hand, is an environment surrounded by bespoke wardrobes in beech veneer and full-height doors in solid wood and ribbed glass.
Together with color, contrast is one of the main elements in the apartment: the one originated by natural light, which filters generously inside transforming the rooms according to the time of day or evening, and the one originated from the materials that make up the spaces.
In our work we always try to fully interpret our client’s whishes’ while remaining recognizable, and this house is no exception, 80 square meters on the top of eight floors and inhabited by a couple with an eclectic soul.
For us being architects means returning the aspirations and memories of our clients in expressiveness and aesthetics, reconciling their desires with our visions and our design method.

Location: Milano – Italy
Year: Concept Design / Schematic Design / Detailed Design / Site Supervision 2021 – 2022
Area: 80 sqm
Client: Private
With: S. Sözüneri, D. Beltramello
Contractor: Florian Dedi Ristrutturazioni
Carpenter and Fitter: Traxform
Kitchen Furniture: Cappellini Cucine Srl
Photography: Francesca Iovene
Elisa Zagaria - January 01, 2023
Francesca Tagliabue - December 16 2022