The project is located in the hilly district of Kağıthane, north of Istanbul, in a mainly residential area characterized by high density. In front of it there is a large cemetery built on a flat ground which allows an open view towards the city and the sea.
As requested by the client we had the demolish the existing buildings in order to better organize the 180.000 sqm of buildable surface. So we took the opportunity to create an urban system in which the purposes defined an adequate morphology. 
Pedestrian walkways on the surface and underground vehicular roads, residential towers and a hotel tower supported by pedestals where all the common facilities and services are located. A large urban park which works as a connective tissue between the old fragmented and isotropic city with the new city plan.

Location: Istanbul – Turkey
Year: Masterplan Design 2016 / Architectural Design 2017 
Area: 180.000 sqm
Client: Dost İnşaat
Consultant: Dome Asia
Design Partner: Arch. Francesco de Felice