Main goal of the competition has been announced: find a new meaning of a space after the demolition of the Ataturk Stadium, define the participation problem of the citizens to the public life and create new more variable urban environments. Being in a central position on two main parks, Kent Park and Sazova Park, which are located almost across the two edges of the city, we proposed to create a void: an unbuilt space, a notable portion of the area considered as space where various activities can freely take place within the dense urban fabric. All around this “meteoric void” takes place the so-called “ring”: a tartan path that defines a precise boundary all around the void, with the aim to connect, at a various levels, all the new designed activities. In the existing school zone by considering the potential of evening education of the city, we proposed a public education center, which can also define clearly the eastern border of the urban park. On the southern side a new auditorium is positioned to catalyze the tram route, which connects this area to the city center. In order to conserve an existing “urban memory” we proposed to re-function the former Air Force Hospital into a visual arts center.

Competition Winner 1st Prize
Location: Atatürk Stadium Area Eskişehir – Turkey
Year: 2014
Area: 160.000 sqm
Client: Municipality of Eskişehir
Design Partner: Arch. Francesco de Felice, E. Eriş
With: C. Ertaş, P2 Tasarım