Von Sabine Lindenau - February 29, 2024
Sören Thümler - February 28, 2024
During the design process both at the city scale and at the building scale, user-oriented design principles have been taken into consideration. The current RAW area has an important place in the city's memory. Even if it is an abandoned area, it can be said that the RAW area makes the greatest contribution to the Industrial identity of the region. In this direction, the main goal of the project is to protect the industrial texture of the area whenever possible and to open it to the use of the urban population. Based on this goal, preserving existing buildings and re-functioning them constitutes the main fiction of the project. In this context, while the main fiction of the project is being created.
The historical buildings/hangar area has been taken as the centre of the project and has been designated as a public focal point. The market area, museum, event areas, multi-purpose gym, co-working areas, service apartment, food & beverage eating and drinking areas and recreation areas that will serve public use are also located in this area. 
Residential areas have found a place for themselves around these central and backbone areas. On a human scale, these areas, which generally consist of 4-7 storey buildings, together with the public spaces around them and the eating and drinking units at street level, help to ensure the balance of day and night use of the region.
While the residential areas were being placed, the buildings on the line running along the vehicle and tram tracks on the long edge of the area were left low, and thus the presence and visual perception of the historical water tower were maintained uninterrupted.
Considering the size of the area, differentiation has been made in the visual perception of all these residential areas and building facades, different experiences and different perspective perceptions have been provided to users thanks to multi-identity facades and cross-sectional differentiation, monotony and undefined/unidentified areas have been avoided. The building facades, which use different materials and industrial color scales, also give the project its own unique identity.
The hobby gardens in the green bat along the existing railway line have been preserved as much as possible, and thanks to the existing tree texture on this line and the areas to be newly reforested, the project area has been visually and audibly isolated from the railway line
Rather than a single architectural project, the "RAWSBURG" project, which is intended to be a new part of the city, is intended to be a future vision of the new development and possible growth of the city of Magdeburg.

Location: Magdeburg – Germany
Year: Masterplan Design 2022 - Ongoing
Site Area: 257.000 sqm
Built Area: 310.000 sqm
Client: Private
Project Management: Dome+Partners
Landscape: Mera
Visualizations: Saydam Tasarım
With: An Office