The project starts from the intention to reorganize an entire ground floor of an existing residential building, which is now divided into small different retail shops, into an apart hotel. All the project is focused around the single prototype unit, conceived as the most flexible, simple and easy to construct basic block, which can be rented singularly or combined with its adjacent units. The accesses of the single units are set up at the ground floor city level, one directly from the street and the other one from the inner private courtyard. The pedestrian city walkway has been used here as as a sort of distributing corridor, like an introvert hotel, giving a complete independence to each single unit. The Street Hotel San Siro has 10 single rentable units, and other leisure spaces dedicated to gym, coworking space and bar, restaurant.

Location: via Ciardi 25, 20148 Milan – Italy
Year: Concept Design 2018
Area: 660 sqm
Client: Private
Design Partner: Arch. Francesco de Felice