Mixed Use

Masterplan Concept Design / Architectural Concept Design

According to the morphology of the site, a steep sloped terrain in a changing district of Istanbul, we decided to design a complex organism, which blends together residential functions and public facilities. The wireframe is the matrix that generates the structural load bearing parts as well as the residential variety, giving a precise and clear rule at all the environment, as if it was a deep energy that allows the buildings to growth spontaneously and independently. The grid is the key element by which we decided to frame the relation between spaces: public and semi public facilities are organised along covered path, which cross and connects buildings at different levels. This complexity, allowed by the natural slope of the terrain, has a role also in the facades definition.

Location: Istanbul – Turkey
Year: Masterplan and Architectural Design 2017 
Area: 85.000 sqm

Client: Atria + NEF
Consultant: Dome Asia