Situated on a sloping ground on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, this village is our thought on architectural identity, an expression of the dialogue between the need of the contemporary and the search for tradition. Set among weeping willows and cypresses, this village-like boutique hotel is a secluded retreat offering rest, nature and privacy.
Natural light, visual connections and privacy are the three elements that define an architecture whose purpose is to preserve the natural features of the region, its vegetation and impact on the coast.
The high level of privacy requested by the client has determined the ratio between the accommodations, divided into independent villas and private rooms. The visual connections are balanced by the use of boundary walls, hierarchy of openings, blind facades and artificial terracing.
The private villas and guest rooms have a unique location on the grounds, all with their own private gardens, featuring traditional facades and contemporary interiors. Each accommodation is connected to the public facilities by winding stone paths that intersperse the silence of nature, the scents of local plants with exclusive views towards the extraordinary panorama.
The design of the open spaces describes a use conceived for a life lived mainly during the summer season.

Location: Marmaris – Turkey
Year: Architectural Concept Design, Hard and soft decoration Concept Design 2020 – Ongoing
Area: 1.430 sqm
Client: Private
Collaborators: Evin Eriş, Esma Ayvazoğlu, İpek Çevik Karabulut, Sara Tateo