At the beginning of 2020 we have been asked by a Chinese client who promotes Italian furniture in China to think of a concept for his showrooms capable of communicating his collection in a simple and eloquent way.⁠⁠

We have chosen to structure the project around the idea of travel, to lead visitors along four different Italian itineraries, revealing the sense of place in each of them and trying to grasp their spirit, their cultural heritage, their colors and their peculiar materials. ⁠

Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and outdoor spaces will be designed by distilling the local values and traditions of the four Italian itineraries. We will create a collection of exceptional rooms, through a careful selection of: objects, materials, color palette, pieces of art and furniture.
Great Wines Tour
Pencil drawing on paper.
The hills as far as the eye can see, a soft and rarefied atmosphere, the warm air, the gentle and sinuous shapes paint a green landscape full of shades where the sun’s rays penetrate the leaves and light up strange plays of light.

A lush place where plants and intense perfumes are the protagonists.
LANGHE LIVING ROOM - Intense ruby and green tones, textured weavings, soft felt, precious woods and corks.
Craftsman Towns Tour
Anne Claude Philippe de Tubières.
Cries of Paris: Fourth Set, Knife Sharpener, 1742
A silent land where time seems to have stopped. Citadels embraced by walls and set in harmonious natural frames that tell an ancient charming story. Incredible places run by passionate artisans of style or food, spaces tucked away from the crowds.

Here the air is warm and the shades are soft. You are wrapped in a dimension in which you can get lost just to find yourself afterwards.
BERGAMO Dining Room - Neutral and brown colors, stones and woods with rich patterning, refined fabrics in their purest form.
Timeless Classic Tour
Andrea Palladio, Temple of Minerva, Assisi. 
London, RIBA Library, Drawings and Archives Collection
The classical world is the summa of an immense repertoire in which the roots of the entire Italian civilization lie, from the antiquity of Rome, passing through the masters Michelangelo and Palladio up to the more contemporary modern and postmodern culture. A world characterized by neutral and soft tints, near-white like Carrara marble, with shades of black, blue and gray of its veins. 

A boundless and timeless atmosphere of elegance and peace, capable to convey an immense feeling of absolute.
FIRENZE DINING ROOM - Sharp contrasts of blacks and whites, homogeneous surfaces of parquet and leather, simple geometries on fabrics decoration. 
Along The Coast Tour  
Pencil drawing on paper.
Small fishing villages nestled on the Italian Riviera, elegant and vibrant seaside towns like gems embellishing the coastal landscape. A dazzling scenery made of lavish hotels, candy-colors homes and stunning ancient churches built around small harbors with shops and restaurants, piazzas and bars. Here the heart can let go and breezily celebrate “la dolce vita” - the joy of living.

A kaleidoscopic world made of sumptuous shapes, bright colors, intense flavors, vivid passions that we will always carry with us.
POSITANO OUTDOOR - Kaleidoscopic Mediterranean colors, mosaics and majolica with a marine and floral appeal, desaturated and light wood, plain-colored fabrics and graphic patterns. 
Location: Wuxi – China
Year: Concept Design 2019 – 2020 / Schematic Design 2021
Client: Jiangsu Tolino Furnishing Co. Ltd 
With: Arch. Francesco de Felice
Collaborators: Sara Tateo