The apartment is located on the fifth floor of a 1930s Milanese building and has a floor plan characterized by a long central corridor distributing the sequence of domestic spaces on both sides.
The 130 square meters have been designed by modifying almost nothing of the original layout, with the exception of the kitchen and the double bedroom whose rotation, foreseen by the project, allows a more effective rationalization of the spaces.
By doing so, the living/dining room and the kitchen are adjacent, separated by a wall at the ends of which two-twin passages open, becoming a partition that separates and, at the same time, visually connects the two spaces expanding the overall perception.
The sleeping area instead overlooks only a large and bright internal courtyard and consists of three bedrooms, one with a guest bathroom as well as the master bathroom.
In our interior projects, the attempt is to create spaces with equilibrium and a classic base.
The original architectural elements of the house have been preserved and restored: the Palladian marble floor of the corridor, brought to light by removing a wooden floor glued above it, makes the passage between the rooms alive; the plaster decorative frames of the ceilings with their angular ornaments create plays of light and shadows that stand out on the white walls.
On the contrary, the oak parquet floor, which runs both in the living area and in almost all the bedrooms, highlights the natural grain of the wood. The double-leaf molded doors in lacquered solid wood and glass edged with wall frames infuse the rooms with an elegant character and bring to mind the Milanese 40's apartments.
In this pre-existing framework, the custom-made furnishings, made in Turkey based on our design, become the element of contemporaneity that dialogues with the memory of the house.

Location: NoLo Milano – Italy
Year: Concept Design / Schematic Design / Detailed Design / 2021 – Ongoing
Area: 130 sqm
Client: Private
With: S. Sözüneri