Hard and Soft Decoration Concept Design / Schematic Design / Artistic Direction

Due to its articulated and complex structure, our design shall be a sort of guide, a simple and clear sign that leads you within this resort. We want to create an evocative atmosphere to immerse you in a multi sensorial experience. An experience made of colors, sensations, feelings and shapes. 
Few elements have inspired our design. Chinese wine is the main character of this story, with all the elements that constitute it: the cereals, the raw material used to produce it, the tools used to harvest and process them and the final result, the Huangjiu and the Baijiu.
Not least the traditional dwellings of the Loess Plateau and the fabrics that decorate them, which have been for centuries ornament and protection for its inhabitants.

Location: Yan’an, Shaanxi – China
Year: Schematic Design 2019 / Artistic Direction 2019 / Built
Area: 500 sqm

Client: Private
Interior Design (Hard and Soft Decoration) with: Zhijian Workshop
Architectural Design: China Northwest Architecture Design And Research Institute Co.Ltd. – Team leader: Zhao Yuanchao
Photography: ©Aurelien Chen